Friday, October 31, 2008

My Prediction

You read it here first:

1. McCain wins by 6 EVs by winning Ohio and Florida. Mickey Mouse surprisingly enough shows up to vote, twice, and both times votes for McCain. Take that ACORN!!

2. Dems get 58 seats, But since McCain goes away and AZ has a Dem governor, they get an extra one. So they are at 59. Then you have RINO Olympia Snowe and Dems have the effective 60 they need. But Joe Lieberman says "OH NO YOU DIDN'T", turns sides and they're back to 59.

3. The last of the riot fires are extinguished next Friday evening.

4. Martial law is extended until November 23rd. On 11/24 gun shops across the land run out of ammo by 10:00am with lines around the block.

5. Dow surges late Tuesday as rumors of a McCain win start spreading. Then Dow falls by double digits percentage wise on Wednesday as the riots take hold. Stock market is closed during martial law time. Reopens 11/24, falls to 6000 within 3 minutes.

6. In a surprising show of bipartisanship, McCain says WTF, and gives the presidency to Barry as a show of good will. Country first and all that bullshit.

7. Sarah Palin and Joe Biden have a winner take all. pay per view, cage match to see who becomes VP. Despite the looming Great Depression 2, a record 98 million households sign up for the show at $99 per head.

8. Talk radio and conservative bloggers are deemed to be a national security threat and banned by the new administration.

9. Elections are deemed too expensive and are cancelled for 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016

UPDATE: Looks like I'm not the only one predicting riots.

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