Monday, October 27, 2008

New Deal Eh? 2

So we are getting the new New Deal because we are in this great depression right? Odd, I could swear we aren't in one.

Example: yesterday I attended the NASCAR race in Atlanta....OK insert redneck, joke here and here.

It was the first time I had attended a race. I'd been to a qualifying day before in Las Vegas, but not the actual race. So yes, there were definitely a lot of people that you would expect to see at one of these things. But plenty of regular people that you wouldn't. Yes it's not exactly the same crowd as a a performance of Madame Butterfly, but to be quite honest, when I attend a performance of Madame Butterfly I want to punch most of the fellow attendees in the face.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. The place holds 124,000. My ticket cost $134. Many, many people also had a pit pass, which allowed them to walk around on the infield and see the pits. That was another $100. There were countless vendors selling t-shirts for $25 or $30 and doing brisk business. A cup of lemonade was $6 and there was always a line for it. I don't know what a beer cost, because I brought my own cooler full of it. Oh and parking was between $20 and $75 depending on how close the spot was. So I would venture to say the average person spent $200 for the day.

Now I am no economist or nuthin, but when you have 124,000 people in Georgia, plunking down $200 to watch cars go in a circle for 4 hours, that does not sound like a freaking depression, does it? And this is the middle class that Obama keeps telling me is in dire straits and one missing paycheck away from starvation. It is such total bullshit and yet the media and the American people are buying this nonsense. Obama even had an ad at the race on the radio play by play talking about how McCain = Bush and Bush has wrecked the middle class. It was laughable. People in $134 seats, drinking $6 lemonade and wearing $30 t-shirts being told they are destitute.

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