Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nice job eh?

While the US of A is poised to elect a Marxist to office, Canada has re-elected a Conservative government. Canada was led by a series of Liberal Party governments during the 90s and early 00s. Picture a more leftist version of Nancy Pelosi and that's what Jean Chretien, the former Prime Minister was in Canada. During that time of high taxes, high spending and a protectionist trade policy Canada was also mired in a 10 year long recession. Then the good people of the Great White North got their shit together and tossed the Liberals out. Today the highest marginal tax rate in Canada is lower than the highest rate here. And surprise, surprise, the US dollar which was worth $1.60 CAD when the Liberals were in office is now worth $1.00 CAD. Amazing what a few years of fiscal conservatism can do for a country, huh?

And yesterday the people of Canada, liking this whole capitalism thing, gave the Conservative Party a solid majority government.

Americans should learn from Canada and not endure the oncoming economic pain for the next 8 years. But they won't because as I have said on numerous occasions, Americans are fucking morons.


Dark City said...

Unfortunately, the Conservatives only got a minority government last night although it is a stronger minority than before.

Fortunately the Liberal party will likely have to go through a leadership race which will allow the Conservatives to push through legistlation the same way they did with the previous minority government - making everything a confidence motion and daring the opposition to defeat it and trigger an election.

Ed said...

My bad. You're right it is a minority government. Which I think is better anyway, majority governments give too much power to a few people.