Thursday, October 23, 2008

NYC = Richmond = LA?

OK so I'm no political expert or nuthin, but I'm just not buying this Obama love-a-thon in some places. You look at some of these polls and things just don't make sense. In 2004 Virgina voted for Bush 54/46. And now the polls say Obama is going to win 55/45. So in 4 years 20% of the population makes that radical a shift? Or North Dakota where it was 63/36 Bush in 2004 and now it is supposedly tied. Or Indiana where it was 60/40 Bush and now Obama supposedly is leading by 3.

Sure people do change their voting patterns. If they didn't the same party would win every election. But We are talking about millions and millions of people going from a social conservative born again Christian from Texas to a sort of Muslim, ultra-liberal, tax and spend liberal from Chicago. I just don't see you average N.Dakotan or Virginian or Indianan (?) changing their political views that radically in 4 years.

What I do see is a lot of people telling pollsters they want the black guy. We as a society have been so indoctrinated with PC garbage that people are afraid to say they will vote for the rich old white guy. Even telling a stranger over the phone that is.

One other thing I've noticed is this: in blue states, the polling this year mirrors the results from 2004 pretty closely. California was 54/45 for Kerry in 2004. Polls in 2008 say Obama will win...drum roll please...54% of the vote. NY went 59/40 Kerry in 2004. 2008 polls say NY will go...sit down for this...59% for Obama. Illinois, home state of Obama. In 2004 it went 55/44 for Kerry. In 2008 the home state of the supposed greatest thing since sliced bread, will, according to polls get a whopping 58% of the vote.

Bear with me while I adjust my tinfoil hat, but this just doesn't smell right. What we are being led to believe is that redder than red states like Indiana and N. Dakota are suddenly embracing a radical socialist with 20 point swings in the electorate from 2004. But bluer than blue states are holding steady from 2004. So nobody in NY or CA or IL that voted for Bush in 2004 will vote for Obama in 2008. But hundreds of thousands of people in Virgina, N. Dakota and Indiana who voted for Bush will. In other words we are being led to believe that Republicans in CA and NY are more conservative that Republicans in Indiana and Virginia.

That just makes no sense.

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