Thursday, October 16, 2008


I didn't watch the debate last night. I was too scared of what McCain would say after the insane mortgage buyout proposal he let loose last time around. I was half expecting to read this morning that along with the house he will be be buying for everyone, he will also put a brand new Escalade - with 23" rims of course - in the garage of all those new houses. Why not? It only takes about 10 seconds to print the additional $500B that it would cost. And as an added benefit he could also win Michigan, what with GM union employees making $50 an hour to weld something getting lots of overtime. Kill two birds with one stone right Senator McCain?

I was happy to see Joe the Plumber make it in the news again. I guess it dawned on someone at the MSM that not everyone who makes $250K a year is a Wall St. executive. A half competent campaign would have had that exchange with Obama in a 30 second ad running in Ohio and Florida 24/7. But a 1/2 competent campaign wouldn't have told a crowd of people that the opponent is a good guy who would make a good president either. A 1/2 competent campaign also wouldn't promise to buy a house for everyone. Oh wait I already complained about that, never mind.

On to other news...stocks are down again because Citi says things ain't lookin' too good. Wow. Never saw that coming. After all El Presidente and Paulson and Bernanke and everyone at CNBC assured me that if the bailout bill passed, all would be super duper neato right away. What happened?

And damn it I love the spin they put out in the media. Their huge quarterly loss was due to "credit related mis-steps". Are you kidding me? A mis-step is you lend Bob down the road $150K for a house when in reality he should have only qualified for $140K. What these morons did was lend Joe $900K and then 6 months later lent him another $200K for good measure. And then did it about 5 million more times. That my friends, as our esteemed Senator for Arizona would say, is not a mis-step. It is a complete clusterfuck.

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