Friday, October 24, 2008

Sorry, you can't vote, you're real

Obama's former employer, ACORN, is out registering Mickey Mouse in Florida and Obama dismisses it as fear mongering. At the same time Democrat election officials in Virgina, are throwing away military absentee ballots.

Probably not a big deal though, since it's not like Virginia or Florida are important states in the election. Probably just more fear mongering right Barry?


Scott said...

You really crack me up Ed... Your blogs message (with respect to politics) is, Democrats cheat, Republicans are Saints... I know, I know... you've told me in person that Republicans cheat, but not as much as Democrats... or that Republicans jamming Democratic hotlines is somehow different than registering Mickey Mouse. I argue it's no different.

If you consciously do something to affect a vote and that action results in 100 vote change… That is no different than doing something else that results in a 100 vote change. Cheating is cheating, even if one is against the law and the other isn't (although the guy that got busted for jamming the phone lines did go to jail for that)

Someday you will realize that BOTH parties are the scum of the earth and BOTH parties will lie/cheat/steal... do whatever they need to "win"... my only hope is that all this cheating counteracts itself. I can also only hope that since I despise both parties, we have gridlock in Washington come Nov 4th. That’s unlikely to happen since Bush has blundered things so badly that people want “change” and will vote Democratic… which will in turn just swing the fence in the other direction to our soon to be Communist state.

My wish for the Winter holiday (some call it Xmas) is that the Republican party went back to its true fiscal ways, stopped praising god so publicly (and in policy), then maybe I could have a party I feel affiliated to…. Until then I guess I’ll keep looking at properties in other countries.

Ed said...


Jamming phone lines is illegal. No question about it. It is not vote fraud. It would be like me parking a car in front of the driveway of someone who is going to vote and they can't go vote. Yeah, that is breaking a parking law and I would get a ticket or have my car towed but according to you that would be voter fraud too.

And when have I said Republicans are saints? You must not read this blog very often to say something like that.

I have a feeling all your academic rhetoric will change quickly once your tax rate is 60% and the Obama goons are summoned to your door - Joe The Plumber style - the second you question THE ONE.