Saturday, October 11, 2008

Was it all a setup?

I am in utter disbelief at the McCain campaign these days. Not even 72 hours after proposing nationalizing the entire financial system by buying people's mortgages, he defended Obama on a stump speech. Instead of calling Obama the communist thug he is, McCain said he is a good family man with whom he has a few disagreements. I honestly don't know what to think. I see one of two options.

1. McCain truly is a senile old man.

2. He fully converted to liberalism somewhere along the way and this campaign is his contribution to electing a generation of far-left liberals that will make FDR look like Reagan.

What other explanation is there? Every thing he says and does benefits Obama. And not only that, everything he says and does benefits Democrat Senate and House candidates. Obama will be president with a 60+ majority in the Senate. He can appoint anyone he wants to the Supreme Court. He can pass any legislation he dreams up. Obama will be for all intents and purposes a King with a rubber stamp Parliament. And all this because of McCain.

Is it too late to get Romney on the ballot?


S said...

Mitt Romney is a Mormon.

No Mormons for President.

Anonymous said...
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Ed said...

Deleted my own comment by mistake....which said:

Instead of a Mormon we'll have a quasi-Muslim raised on the streets of Jakarta. Much better.