Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Al Qaeda is hurting itself

The #2 man in Al Qaeda stone cold dissed the Lord Jesus Obama by calling him a house n-word. I don't get it, I thought the leaders of Al Qaeda were smarter than that.

With Barrack **HUSSEIN** Obama, Al Qaeda will pretty much get what it wants. For starters Israel will cease to exist by the end of this decade with Obama in power. He has as much said so over the campaign. There is a reason he got millions of dollars - all illegally - from Arabs.

Obama will pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan ASAP. He has pledged to cut military spending by 25%. And he, along with most Democrats, believe the War on Terror should never have been fought and that 9/11 was nothing to get all excited about, even hinting that it was an inside job. As John Kerry famously said, terrorism is a nuisance, much along the lines of prostitution or illegal gambling. And John Kerry was or still might be under consideration for Secretary of State.

So given all this why insult Barry? You know he is the best president Al Qaeda could ever wish for. He is half muslim, his name is Arabic, he is an avowed anti-Semite, he detests America and makes it a point to blame Americans for every ill in the world. I can't for the life of me see how AQ could have any beefs with the man. They are on the same page.

But now AQ has made it personal. And since Barry is a megalomaniac tyrant, that is not a smart move. My advice to AQ is leave Barry alone and you will get a free hand to do as you like. But insult Barry on a personal level and you better watch out.


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