Sunday, November 2, 2008

Anyone in VA or PA or OH or MT or WVA should listen to this

If you have any undecided family, friends or foes in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Montana or pretty much anywhere the coal industry employs might want to send them a copy of this. Obama's energy plan includes bankrupting the coal industry. But don't take my word for it, listen to his own words.

But hey, what's 120,000 - the number of coal employees nationwide - people losing their jobs? I'm sure the 1000 workers in Montana won't mind. Neither will the 40,000 in W. VA. Nor will the 20,000 in Pennsylvania.

But that's OK, really. Barrack will make sure there people get welfare checks from day one. And also make sure they, their kids and grandkids will be Democrats for life. The more people dependent on govt, the stronger grip Democrats have. It is a vicious circle from which you will never recover.

But hey, it's all about HOPE AND CHANGE!! Right?

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