Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It was a nice run of 230 odd years. All great empires come to an end. Today, the US is officially dead. Like Rome, this once great empire wasn't defeated from outside, but from within. Hey what can you do? The people have spoken. Too bad the people are idiots.

Watching his victory speech looked like a Nuremberg rally. Instead of SIEG HEIL, the crowds chanted YES WE CAN. Same thing in the end. A fascist megalomaniac who mesmerized a very gullible populace with nonsense.

William Ayres, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will lead now. The military will be decimated. Israel, nice knowing you. Freedom of speech, likewise. Like your gun? Sorry.

Today was also the end of democracy in the US. The Democrat party will never lose an election again. With ACORN on the Obama payroll, millions of "voters" will be ensuring victories for years. Such wide margin victories that eventually elections will be deemed unnecessary.

Too extreme and pessimistic? Maybe. But take a look at everything Obama has said and done over the past 18 months and it doesn't seem that far fetched. I hope your hatred of Bush was worth it.

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