Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So if you all recall the day before the election, Obama's (Peace Be Upon Him) grandmother died. We all say the pictures of the tears streaming down His face. Sad, sad, sad said the MSM. This was the woman that raised Him. She was the most important person in His life.

And then what happened?

Was there a funeral? If not, why? If so, why didn't He attend? Yeah OK He's got things to do. But I think everyone would understand if He took a day off to attend his grandmother's funeral. I mean hell, at least the kids and Michelle would go if Barrack (Peace Be Upon Him) couldn't right? Yet there was absolutely no follow up to this story.

It's almost like a kid in a sitcom. You have the main character get pregnant. Then on the season finale she has the baby. And then you never see the kid once the ratings gimmick is over.

One more example of the calculating, megalomaniac tendencies of this man.

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