Thursday, November 13, 2008

Attention 18-25 Year Olds..

Plans are now for all Americans 18-25 to forcefully 'volunteer' a minimum of 3 months. Hmmmm, does that remind anyone of anything else? Maybe a draft? Hey wait wasn't it liberals who accused Bush of bringing back the draft in 2004? Yes, yes it was. Looks like OBAMA (Peace Be Upon Him) will make that a reality.

The video below is 4 minutes long. Watch all of it. Watch it twice to make sure you didn't misunderstand when Rahm Emanuel talks about taking trains to the barracks. It is incredible that an Israeli citizen, whose grandparents lived in Europe during Hitler's rise is talking about forcing Americans to take **TRAINS** to barracks. What the hell is happening in this world?

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Audio here straight from Rahm Emanuel, Obama's Chief of Staff during an interview with a NY Daily News reporter.


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