Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Morning After

Some random observations from doomsday that you will not see in any of the MSM coverage today.

1. Ohio, Florida, Indiana and Virgina were razor thin close. Where did ACORN do its biggest registration drives? Why it was Ohio, Florida,Indian and Virginia. Just a coincidence I'm sure. And the fact ACORN registred one guy 73 times in Ohio and registered Mickey Mouse in Florida is completely irrelevant.

2. Al Franken lost by 500 votes in his bid to become a United States Senator. That is all you need to know about the current mental state of the American public. Calling Americans idiots is too kind. I'm guessing there will be a recount and I have a feeling 1000 votes for Franken will be discovered in a basement somewhere.

3. The Dems don't need 60 seats. They need 59 seats. The 60th will be and has always been John McCain. In a spirit of bipartisanship he will do whateve he can to fight his own party and advance Obama's policies. That concession speech was pathetic. I'm hoping the leftards were right and his odds of a heart attack are high.

4. Where did all the new voters go? In 2004 Bush got 62M votes, Kerry got 59M. This time, Obama got 63M votes and McCain got 56M. I'm no math wizzard or nuthin, but there were fewer votes in 2008 than 2004. So what happened to all those new voters Obama was supposed to bring out? All the new young voters? All the new minority voters? What about the expected record turnout? In the end, 2M fewer people votd in 2008 than in 2004. ***

5. Is there anything more to Obama than being black? That's all you see in the headlines. Black Man Wins!! So if that was the only criteria, would Gary Coleman have had a shot?

6. The MSM is hinting at this but won't come right out and say it. Black people voted for Obama and expect him to be their savior. There are millions of blacks all over the country that are convinced every problem they have ever had will now disappear. See video below if you doubt me. These people are going to be in for one hell of a rude awakening around April or May 2009. Around that time when all the celebrations are over, when all the books and songs and rap cd dedications have passed, reality will settle in. And reality will be that 99.9% of blacks' lives will be exactly as they were November 3rd, 2008. And then that realization comes, along with the realization that you can't blame evil Bush or racism anymore for all of your life's problems....well I'm not sure what will happen. But I can't see it being good.

Just picture this dolt of a woman in May when she still has to pay for her gas and her mortgage. Think she'll be just a wee bit angry at Obama?

*** As pointed out by Scott, only 97% of precincts have reported. So 2008 will be slightly higher than 2004. Still not anywhere close to the amount of voters the MSM kept telling us was on its way. Once again the MSM lied. Once again nobody cared. HOPE AND CHANGE, CHANGE AND HOPE. Repeat that 5 times and all your problems will go away.

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