Friday, November 7, 2008

Question for the Obamabots

I'm sure you have all watched the winning speech from Tuesday ad nauseum by now. You have memorized every word, ever breath, every sigh, every eyebrow raise. I only had the stomach to watch it once. But I did notice something odd at the end. Did you?

Joe Biden was introduced and he came out there with his family. And a lot of family. Looked like kids, grandkids, parents, cousins, aunts, whatever. There were a lot of people around him sharing the moment with him. Which is how it should be.

But who did Barrack Obama have? Aside from his wife and kids, that is. The most powerful man in the world and he has nobody around him. No family members. Yes I know both his parents are dead and his grandma just died (conveniently enough the day before the election). Oh that's right, his brother lives in a shack in Kenya. And his aunt was discovered living in a rathole apartment in Boston. Guess they're out. So no cousins? No long lost uncle? Nobody? What about friends? Surely a man who went to Harvard Law would have some respected upper crust types who would proudly stand with him on this most joyous of occasions. Yet not one was to be found.

Put yourself in the same situation. You just won the presidency. Think about all the people you would want on stage with you. You would have people coming out of the woodwork wanting to be part of it. Yet Obama had not a single person.

Doesn't that tell you something? You can tell a lot of a man by the friends he keeps. The fact Obama is unwilling to show his friends publicly - or the fact he has no friends at all - is all you need to know about him.

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