Friday, November 14, 2008

Remember when

Hank Paulson swore up and down that there would be no more bailouts? I realize it is hard for Americans to remember anything past what happened on American Idol last night, but try. It was the day that Lehman Brothers collapsed. Paulson said that's it, tough shit Lehman, no more bailouts. And then about 48 hours later he announced the $700B bailout.

We are witnessing history being repeated itself. GM has been told, sorry, no money for you. I predict within 72 hours, GM will get $25B in government money after "pressure" is put on certain members of Congress.

And what's even more awesomer, is Michigan's governor is part of Obama's (Peace Be Upon Him) transition team. Michigan had a 1 state recession this entire decade. Michiganites, being even stupider than Americans in general, re-elected her on a platform of higher taxes and more regulation. And every year the economy in Michigan got worse and worse. A nice preview of what will happen to the rest of the country.

But he's a good looking young black guy who can speak well, right? That will make it all better. CHUMPS!

Actually I want GM to go down in flames. It will accelerate the annihilation of America's economy. GM employs millions of people and millions more are employed indirectly because of it. Most of these people are unskilled union workers (as if there are skilled union workers) who only how to do tow things: tighten a bolt on an assembly line and vote Democrat. Last I checked, not many places pay the $70 an hour wage current GM employees get for performing those two functions. GM's failure will decimate these union households. It will also decimate the UAW and put a final nail in the manufacturing base of the Midwest. And that will be a good thing. They can start fresh and put to end the notion that Americans should build cars. It has been a failure for the past 20-30 years. It is time to take the patient off life support and let nature do its thing. And maybe some of those people living in tents will finally learn what socialism does to a country.


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