Saturday, November 1, 2008

Something to ponder

As anyone who has read this blog for any period of time knows I'm no fan of McCain. And if he does win, I will probably wake up Wednesday morning and think, oh shit McCain won.

But can anyone in good conscience seriously support Obama? I mean taking away the Obama base, ie welfare recipients, government employees, "educators" (ie union workers who urchins in government funded daycare centers called schools) and the rest of the parasites that depend on a never expanding govt for survival. These parasites will always vote for the candidate who promises more government largesses. And they are a lost cause.

But for the rest of us, the common people, the people who go to work every day, the people who pay taxes, the people who don't live off the govt, the people who make things, the people who provide services, the people who pay our obligations, the people who don't expect a check from the government every week.

So can anyone from the latter group really support a man who will raise taxes and anything that moves to give the parasites even more? Do you want to pay an extra 20-30% more in taxes so an "educator" gets another 10 days vacation on top of her current 14 week vacation? Do you want to pay more taxes so the 4th generation welfare scum gets more in his weekly check? Do you want to pay more taxes so the government employee who comes in at 10 and leaves at 3 with a 2 hour lunch, gets an even fatter pension when he retires at 55? Is that why you get up every morning and go to work?

You want a man who thinks the constitution is flawed because it doesn't allow more wealth distribution? A man who who attended an anti-American church for 20 years? A man who it was just revealed has an aunt living in a Boston slum who is in the country illegally? A man who while not exactly BFF is friendly with a domestic terrorist?

Is your hatred of George Bush so high that you are willing to vote in a man who has said on numerous occasions he want to fundamentally change you life? Think about that for a few seconds. Is your life so awful, that it needs fundamental change? Obama has stated in speeches, as has his wife, that he will MAKE you work harder. Do you really want a president that tells you how hard you have to work?

Face facts folks. If Obama were white, you wouldn't even know who he is. His whole candidacy is a PR stunt to elect the first black president. Vote for him and your vote has been relegated to a popularity contest dressed up in Political Correctness politics. Just think about it. If black Barrack Obama were white Mike Jones would you vote for him? If the answer is no, then well, you know what to do.


S said...

Ed, you continue to say that Obama will raise our taxes. Unfortunately the line he has been repeatedly touting, over and over and over again, is that he will bring tax CUTS to the masses. So no one understands or has any inkling tha their taxes will be raised. Everyone in the country expects that they will be getting a tax cut. Why this matters to anyone, I don't know. Their damn tax cut could be $5.00. Whoopity doo.

For the rest of the people, Obama seems to be more pragmatic than McCain. Some of the Bush strategies - not talking to Iran without preconditions, for instance - were probably valid when they were established. However, you reevaluate things that need to be reevaluated. McCain does seem to be ruled by emotion in many areas.

I had a conversation months ago with colleagues about the principles of higher taxes and how it is a disincentive to work harder. None of them understood the view point. NO ONE agreed with me that if the government is going to continually take away a larger percentage or more of your money as you earn more, the incentive is to continue working less and earning your same rate of pay, rather than paying for supporting others. They refused to believe it. Because, as they said, by working harder, you are also earning "something for yourself." I didn't bother whipping out graphs and doing a cost-benefit analysis on the spot for them. But of course these same people will probably be in the same jobs 20 years from now.

Ed said...


In a nutshell, what you're saying and what unfortunately I have realized, even more so this past year is this:

Americans are for the most part idiots. When Europeans laugh at the stupid American, they have a point. The Euros are socialist but at least they understand what socialism is. They as a whole made the deal that they would forgo capitalism in favor or nanny statism. They agreed to be taxed through the nose in order to have all the govt shit they get. This includes enormously high income taxes for everyone, 25% sales taxes, $8 gas due to high gas taxes, etc.

Americans on the other hand are actually stupid enough to think they can have both low taxes and socialism. They think can have the nanny statism but at the same time someone else, ie the "rich" will pay for it.

I'll be long gone from this cesspool of a country by the time the shit really hits the fan. It will be fun to watch Americans scratch their heads in disbelief and ask what happened.

Hey wait a minute, I voted for Obama but I'm still making $40K a year. What happened to my 20% a year raise he promised me? I voted for Obama and I'm still unable to pay the mortgage on the $400K house I bought. What happened? I voted for Obama and I make $40K a year and yet my paycheck is $40 a week less because of higher taxes. What the fuck happened to the 'no tax increase for anyone under $250K promise'? Hey why is gas $5 a gallon when oil is down to $30 a bbl? I thought all the new roads and bridges and subways would be paid for by taxing the rich? How come I have to pay for it?

The American Idiot will have a nasty, rude awakening in the next year or two. And they can all go to hell as far as I'm concerned. They have nobody to blame but themselves.