Thursday, November 20, 2008


After a delicious 5% drop in the Dow yesterday, futures are down this morning, after Asian markets got slaughtered and first time unemployment claims reached a 16 year high. Which is odd since I was assured that once the DEAR LEADER was elected all would be well. However, after today's carnage stocks will be about 20% below what they were the day before Obama was elected. And even more odd since I was told that the $700B bailout would solve everything lickedy splits. Say, you don't think they might have been wrong about that do you?

Perhaps it is dawning on people around the world that having the most left president ever is not such a good thing after all. And having the most left president ever with a filibuster proof senate and a 70 seat majority in the house is downright fucking Armageddon time. At least in the 30s there was a Supreme Court that kept FDR in check. We don't even have that today. This is the SCOTUS that gas us Kelo after all. And the media is so enamored of Obama, nothing he does will be questioned. Any media that isn't on his side will simply be silenced. See Fairness Doctrine for further details. There is absolutely nobody in the way of Obama. He has carte blanche to do whatever he pleased and spend as much money as he wants. The US has never had such one party rule in its history. The same people who were screaming about Bush having too much power 3 years ago, just gave Obama twice the power. George Washington left the presidency after his second term. He could have easily won a 3rd term. But he left because he didn't want the US to be ruled by a king. He must be spinning in his grave right now.

Literally with the stroke of a pen and no debate this country can - and most likely will - be turned into a communist collective. Look to the Big 3 bailout as a preview. I saw a congresswoman on TV last night, Maxine Waters of California. One of the stupidest people around. She thought GM was owned by its CEO. When she was corrected and told GM is owned by shareholders she said, and I quote, "well whatever". This is the kind of person who is running the show right now. She is inc charge of deciding how trillions of dollars will be spent. And when she was asked about concessions from the UAW- the $73 an hour lug nut tightening union that has killed GM and Ford - he reply was, leave the working man alone, this is all management's fault.

And it will be the bank's fault that idiot home "owners" are foreclosing. And it will be the credit card company's fault that idiots who bought $4K TVs can't pay the bill. And so on. And the solution to all the problems will be government intervention and government takeover of entire industries. Banking, auto, credit card, housing, gasoline, health care, pharmaceutical. All these industries will be owned either directly or indirectly by the government. And as anyone who has ever been to the DMV or to the post office knows, it will turn to absolute shit. You think GM products are garbage now, just wait until Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi run the show.

I am predicting stocks still have at least 25% to go on the downside. Housing is in complete free fall with no end in sight of a bottom. This won't happen overnight. There will be some more sucker rallies along the way each time some "expert" says the worst is over or if some town in Nebraska shows an improvement in housing starts and the housing crash is declared over. But the general trend is down.

I have been hammering away on this theme for two years. I have been predicting a second great depression. I was saying that more in jest, since I could not believe Americans were REALLY that stupid as to elect a communist freely. But Americans have proven themselves to be stupider than I could have imagined. Maybe not so much stupid but gullible. They drank the poison willingly because the juice it was in tasted sweet. And now they will suffer a nasty death. Don't say I didn't warn you.



Anonymous said...

OMG, Obama isn't even in office yet and you blame him. Maybe it's Bush's fault? Hmmm.

Ed said...

So the fact you use OMG in your opening statement inidcates to me you're south of 22 years old. Therefore I will not even bother replying.

Make some money, pay some taxes, and come back to talk in about 10 years.