Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanks for the context MSM

Allday today the headlines have been screaming:

533K jobs lost...MOST SINCE 1974!

My goodness. Most since 1974. Wow, that is like Armageddon. Run for the hills everybody.

What I didn't see in any MSM out let was the most basic of context. Which is the fact that the population in 1974 was much much lower than 2008. How much lower? Oh about 100 million lower. In 1974 the population was 213 million. Today it is 305 million.

Now about those 533K lost jobs. In 1974 jobs lost was 0.25% of the population. Today jobs lost was 0.17% of the population. So in relative terms, the situation in 1974 was 47% worse than it is today. Ya think someone somewhere would have mentioned this? But no, it's easier to just regurgitate the same nonsensical screaming headlines.

And one more thing I detest about the mentality of "lost" jobs. These jobs aren't lost. It's not like someone can't find them. And nobody loses "his" job. A job is not owned by the employee. A job is owned by the employer. Nobody is owed a job. Nobody is guaranteed a job.


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