Thursday, September 17, 2009


There have been so far 5 or 6 videos released in 5 or 6 cities showing ACORN employees giving advice to a "hooker" and "pimp" on how do smuggle 13 year old girls into the country. One time you could say it's a bad apple in the bunch. 5 times? That amigos is called conspiracy to commit felony.

So what does the MSM do about it? Initially of course they ignore it. Then once the story gets too big to ignore the new spin is now 'well it's just these two crazy right wing kids with a camera. We can't take this seriously'. Had it been 60 Minutes doing the exact same thing, the show would have won multiple Emmys. 2 conservatives with a video camera, pffft as if that's important. Oh and top top it all off Glenn Beck is showing these videos on Fox. I mean come on people, you can't take that seriously can you?

And as of now, with the release of the San Diego episode, the story has hit full DEFCON 1. Arnold (I can't even begin to spell his last name) has asked his DA to start an investigation. The Senate has voted to cut off funds. But probably the way to know the story truly has legs....The Daily Show had a segment on it. And for once, it wasn't Bush's fault.

This episode is one more in a long line of examples of why the media is officially dead. NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NY Times, Washington Post. All irrelevant.

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