Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fear monger much Barry?

How convenient. With his poll numbers falling off a cliff, news come that the crack team of terrorist investigators have broken up a big plan to blow shit up in NY and Coloardo. Uhhh huhhh. And the timing is purely coincidental. The fact that Obama is on a non-stop media blitz has absolutely nothing to do with any of this. Hey look how awesome B. Hussein is. He's out saving the world. How can you not trust him to make your medical decision for you. Who would you rather trust? Uncle Barry who just saved your life from the big bad terrorist or Joe Wilson. The answer is obvious. And if you don't support ObamaCare, the terrorists will win.

And I am so confused. I was told repeatedly by liberals that a) there are no terrorists (aside from the right wing type who must be hunted down) and b) the only reason terrorists hate America (if they actually did exist) is because of Bush. So now out of the blue these imaginary terrorists not only do exit in real life, but they still want to blow shit up, even with a Muslim president. The Daily Kosby Kids must going crazy right about now.

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