Tuesday, October 9, 2007

About this "middle class angst"

Democrats and unfortunately many Republicans talk about the middle class angst. Oh boo hoo the middle class is concerned about the economy. Yeah they are concerned about it because they are living way over their means.

Boo hoo they are one paycheck away from being homeless. Sure because they spend every penny on junk. The same people who drive a $60K SUV are the one complaining about how they are "falling behind".

Here is some advice to all you whining people: stop spending every dime you earn. Save some money. Drive a more practical car. Live in a house that isn't 5000 sq ft when you have 3 people in your household.

For crying out loud it is not the government's job to take care of you. It is not the government's job to pay your mortgage or give you health care or pay off your debts.

I am part of the middle class and I have no angst. Sure I am pissed off that the govt is wasting my money. But hell I am not losing sleep over health care. I am not one paycheck away from being homeless. And you know why? Because I live within my means. I don't spend 50% of my income on a house. I don't drive a $70K Range Rover. I don't own a $600 iPhone. I don't spend $5 every day on a cup of Coffee. And here is the most insane thing I do...I pay off my credit card bill in full every month!! Shocking I know. But if I can't afford to buy it with cash I don't buy it.

I am a horrible American, I know. Good Americans spend 110% of their income, go into debt and then demand government come and take care of them.

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