Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My thoughts on the GOP debate

John McCain - does this guy EVER smile? He said he wishes interest rates were 0%. God almighty what a fool. Hey I know, why not -10% interest rates? That way everyone wins right Senator?

Mitt Romney - after he's done with this, he can have a very good career in Hollywood playing Mr. President. Not that I'm gay or nothing, but that's a good lookin' dude. He is the John Kerry of 2008, flippin and floppin on every issue.

Rudy - solid as usual except he said "WE SHOULD POLICE THE INTERNET"..... uhm what? And he wants an FCC for the Internet? Ugh. Will you police my backyard as well?

Ron Paul - can't say I disagree with him on much...damn if he only looked and sounded like Mitt Romney, he'd GOLD baby, GOLD. Unfortunately he looks like Howdy Doody and sounds like a poor man's Ross Perot. Still, he is the only true conservative running.

Fred Thompson - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...this is what we were all waiting for? OK then. Wait he's the actor, shouldn't he be the dazzling one? He completely bombed on the weak dollar question and shows that he hasn't a clue. Maybe him and McCain can get together and read an Econ 101 book on how interest rates and currencies work.

Mike Huckabee - Can't remember a thing he said. He did lose 100 lbs and that's kinda cool.

Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo - yeah illegal immigration is bad, anything else you have to say?

Chris Matthews: What a tool. Seriously how is this guy on TV? Put aside his politics, the man is just annoying to watch and listen to.

Maria: speaking the typical CNBC garbage

In conclusion, I am almost to the point where I throw up my hands. Democrats are awful. Republicans are very bad and with every word they utter they get closer and closer to AWFULNESS status. Democrats will take us down the socialism path. Republicans are hell bent on taking us to 3rd World banana republic status where a few gajillioniares rule over us.

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