Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Few Questions I'd Ask Tonight at the GOP debate

1. Both parties are falling over themselves trying to "help" homeowners avoid foreclosure. Could you tell me why as a tax payer I have to bailout someone who got into too much debt out of pure greed and stupidity?

1b. Can you tell me why someone making $40K a year is entitled to an FHA loan for $700K backed by the US government?

1c. Could any of you show me where in the Constitution it says every citizens is entitled to a low interest mortgage?

2. As a ****LEGAL**** immigrant I had to jump through hoops to get a green card. I had to fill out forms. Wait. Fill out more forms, Wait some more. I was finger printed. I had an FBI background check run on me.I had to prove that I have the financial resources to take care of myself and not be a burden to the US. And yet anyone walking across the border from Mexico will in the near future get amnesty and a green card on the spot. Why is that?

3. If the minimum wage at $5.15 is too low, why not increase it to $50? Senator McCain voted for the increase to $.7.25, I would like to hear his opinion first.

4. If the official inflation rate is 2%, why is government spending growing at triple that? Would any of you take a pledge to grow govt spending at no more than the official inflation rate?

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