Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal is the new governor of Louisiana. He is also Indian. Indian as in his parents are from India not "Native American". And he is also - GHASP- a meanie, kitten eating, Republican. You know the kind of Republican that hates minorities...since as we all know all Republicans are members of the KKK according to the MSM.

Anyone else find this odd? A Republican non-white person was elected governor of a Southern (read racist conservative red state) state. Yet in New York, California, Vermont, Maryland, Connecticut and New Jersey (read tolerant liberal blue states) nothing but rich white men in the governor's mansion. Hmmm.

And the MSM is treating this as an A17 story. Had Jindal had a "D" next to his name and had he been a resident of New York or California, this would be front page news in the NY Times and CNN would have had a 3 hour special on the event.

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