Sunday, October 21, 2007

Florida GOP Debate

A few thoughts...

If Ron Paul looked and sounded like Mitt Romney he'd be at 20% and not at 2%. Best policy, worst presentation. Only real conservative running from either party. I hope he runs as an Independent. Yes I know it would seal the deal for Hillary, but so be it. We needed a Jimmah Cahtah to pave the way for Reagan. We just might have to have 4 years of Hillary Hell to teach us all a lesson.

I didn't know Huckabee was a Baptist minister. I have nothing against Baptists nor against ministers, but a Baptist minister should not be President. I did like his idea of giving people an option to take their SS money as a tax-free lump sum.

McCain has some funny lines...that tied up line was good. I'll give props when props are due.

Thompson is disappointing me more and more every time I see him speak.

I wish I would hear more of a "No New Taxes" kind of pledge from these guys. I know, I know what happened the last time someone said it. But I get this eerie feeling that aside from Ron Paul, Tancredo and Hunter, none of these guys are committed to lower taxes.

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