Thursday, October 18, 2007

Health Insurance

As I have mentioned before I have said good bye to the man and have gone independent,working for myself. This of course means I am also saying buh bye to health insurance. I will be one of the 7251 billion UNINSURED or so the figure Michael Moore gives. Goodness me, what will I ever do? I will be dying on the steps of a hospital because those meanie Republicans won't allow the working man access to see a doctor.

Well it isn't quite as dire as old Hillary would have you believe. It is actually not too bad at all. I got a $1500 deductible PPO policy with prescription benefits as well as dental for $150 a month with $0 payments after the deductible.
After the tax deduction that is just over $100 a month. And it is actually cheaper than the premium I had to pay the man for the group coverage he provided me.

So if I have a boo-boo on my finger and need to see the doctor, I'll pay out of pocket for him to fix me up. If I have something really bad happen and need $100,000 worth of work (knock on wood I never do) I'll be covered. And that is exactly how insurance is supposed to work. I pay the small stuff, my insurance pays the big stuff. No different than car insurance. If I have a fender bender I don't call up the insurance company to buff out the scratches on the bumper. I only call the insurance company if serious damage occurs in an accident.

Now granted if I had any medical issues it would cost a hell of a lot more and I might not even get coverage. And that is where I think the government could play a role in subsidizing premiums. I know this makes too much sense and hence I will never hear a politician talk about it.

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