Friday, October 19, 2007

SCHIP is dead, long live SCHIP

Much to my surprise the GOP grew a backbone over the past few weeks and held the line on the SCHIP scam. An even bigger surprise was that 2 Democrats voted against this abomination. So I nominate these two as my PEEPS of the week. Jim Marshall (D-GA) and Gene Taylor (D-MS).

Sadly 44 RINOs voted for it. Wonder if any of them are related to Lincoln Chafeee. I nominate that whole group as my COWARDS of the week.

Now let's all be prepared for weeks and weeks of CNN / NY Times sob stories about how Tiny Tim (or more likely tiny Juan) can't get surgery he needs because bad old meanie Ebeneezer Bush hated children (like he hates black people or so says Kanye West).

And of course the braind dead, American Idol worshipping sheeple in this country who couldn't tell you what SCHIP stands for will be outraged. Why,they hate children! How dare they not pay for my urchin's health care? In order for me to do that I will need to drink coffee at home and forgo the $7 Mochachiano at Starbucks. How will I afford the $700 BMW lease if I have to pay $100 for health care. This is an outrage. I'm an American damn it, I have rights. Republicans are too mean spirited. I'm voting for Hillary. She cares.

And on and on it will go until the GOP will once again cave in. And we will take yet one more step to outright socialism.

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