Friday, October 5, 2007

I hate Larry Kudlow

This asshole is celebrating the fact that Citigroup's CEO, former Clinton Treasury Secretary ,Robert Rubin, pressured Ben Bernake into lowering rates.

Citi you may recall just announced a 60% drop in revenue for the quarter. Must be nice to just get on the phone and call Bernake, and poof all your worries are gone. Had it not been for the cut, Citi's stock price would have fallen off a cliff.

But that's OK. We have to protect Wall St. at any cost. So what if gas will cost $5 soon enough due to the worthless dollar? I'm more than happy to pay that much. As long as Rubin and the rest of the CEOs get their $200M bonuses this year, I'm more than happy.

How about you?

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