Friday, October 5, 2007

If he can't win, we are in trouble

Polls are showing Hillary will win against Giuliani. Here is a guy who is about as liberal as it gets in social issues and still he's losing to Hillary. And losing big.

The knock on the GOP has been that is has gone too far to the right on social issues which is scaring away the swing voters, the soccer moms and old-school Republicans in the NE. I believed that as well and wished for a Giuliani like candidate who was pro-choice, wasn't a Southerner and could live with gay marriage. He's anti-gun as well which I don't like, but hey you'll never have a perfect candidate. Besides, being pro or anti gun doesn't mean all that much as far as the president goes.

But now even with a social liberal, Hillary is still wiping the floor with him. So what the hell's going on? 2 theories on what is happening:

1. Americans are so pissed with Bush that no matter who runs, they will vote for a Democrat no matter who the GOP candidate is.

2. Her message of tax the rich, provide "FREE" health care, talk with and understand why Osama is so darned unhappy and the other dailykos/moveon talking points is resonating with middle America and the Reagan Revolution is officially dead.

I hope, really hope it's #1. If it's #2, I think I may start checking out the Toronto craigslist housing section. If I'm gonna live in a socialist state, I'd prefer I do it in a country that won't be blown up and that has lots of oil and gold to sell.

Obviously the election is a year away and that as the old cliche goes is an eternity in politics.

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Sean said...

Neither of your cases explains why Rudy is behind Hillary.

I think you overrate the appeal of a socialy Ambivilant Consrvative. Standing up for 'outdated' social values shows character.

We are in trouble, for sure, but Rudy is a poor barometer.

I feel like a lemming when I say this, because Lemmings are known for making ill conceived political declarations, but I´ll take Thompson!