Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jay Leno

Ron Paul will be on his show tonight. I don't know if anyone actually watches Leno or Letterman anymore. If you do, take a look tonight. This guy sounds and looks a little wacky but his view are right on. He is what the Republican party used to be about...low taxes (he wants to eliminate the income tax), shrink the government, secure the borders and get rid of the damned welfare state. In other words nothing like what today's GOP has morphed into and about 100 light years away from Hillary and the rest of her socialist cohorts in her party.

Take a look. Take a listen. Take a read.


Kristen =) said...

He sounds good....

But can he beat Hillary?

Ed said...

According to the poll below she'd win 48-38. But given the fact that not many people even know who he is that's a pretty good number I think.


Kristen =) said...

Your right I think that is pretty good.....

But I personally will vote for anyone who will beat her.... I don't like saying that(I like to vote for who I believe would be a great leader) but in this situation I have to....