Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sorry Amigos

Another boo-hoo story making the rounds. Illegal immigrants getting deported after living in the US for 17 years ILLEGALLY. Their kids - Juan and Alex Gomez - graduated from high school. They are swell people. How dare they get deported. Everyone, all together....AWWWWW.

Well sorry Gomez family. I have no sympathy. You broke the law. Just because you didn't get caught for 17 years doesn't mean you get a free pass. As for the kids, hey it sucks but again, too bad. You are here illegally. I don't care if you went to high school. I don't care if you were captain of the football team, got a 4.0, dated the hottest girl in school and saved a schoolbus full of kids from a burning file....you are still illegal.

Good luck in Colombia boys.

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