Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A licence in every illegal pot

So Auntie Hillary Clinton now supports giving illegals licences in the state of NY. She said it in the latest Dem debate and said it again just to clarify her position. Uhm Hills, I think you screwed the pooch on this one. I don't know too many Democrats and so can't accurately judge the mood of real-life Dems. My in-laws are Dems of the old school Democratic party i.e. JFK Democrats and not the anti-American socialist cesspool the party has become today. They're no fans of Bush but are not lifelong members of the Michael Moore fan club either. Not very political either but political enough that they vote every election. This evening my wife told me her mother told her she heard about Hillary's licence for illegals scheme and can't believe it. Ditto her dad. Not very happy campers to say the least.

Yes I know it is only 2 people and I shouldn't read too much into it. But somehow I doubt they are alone in their feelings. In a 50/50 election any the slightest defection from your side hurts. Remember Bush won Florida by 537 votes in 2000. That's only 269 switched votes. Looks like 2 down and 267 to go.

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christine said...

I would have to agree with KOrys parents! That is insane to give illegals a DL. (so now you can add 2 more to that) :-)