Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The New Bubble?

In the 90s we had .coms

In the 00s we had McMansions.

So what will be the bubble du decade for the 10s? Many are predicting "greens". No, not that kind of green. Although if the politicans ever get serious about the drug war, decriminzalize and tax soft drugs the budget deficit in a few states would be eliminated.

No the green I'm talking about is enviro-green. Solar power, wind power, battery operated cars, ethanol, bio-diesel, etc. Whether you are a believer in global warming (I am somewhat skeptical at least with regards to how much of the warming is due to mankind) or not, the powers that be have spoken. Al Gore and Co. have won the PR battle. Global warming is here and it must be stopped at all costs. And you Mr. and Mrs. taxpayer better bend over and get ready to pay for it.

Just like we can't fight the idiotic moves of the Fed, we can't fight the idiotic moves of the federal government. So let's profit from it.

There is one index I have my eye on called Wilderhill Clean Energy Index. It's tracking symbol is WHPRO. Good diversified mix of alternative energy stocks with a bit of international flavor as well. It is up 98% since August 2004 compared to 35% for the s&p500. It peaked in 2006 fell quite a bit in early 2007 and has been trending upwards sinceRight now is not a time to buy equities (other than banks). So wait a few months, let the October/November thing happen and then I will look into buying a fund or etf that is similar.

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