Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pssst buddy can you spare a gallon of H2O?

So there seems to be a drought going on over here in Georgia. As luck would have it I move here from the desert and bring the desert with me. Sorry. But seriously, the word on the street is that Atlanta could run out of water in three months. Georgia is now suing he Feds to release more water. Alabama is suing Georgia. And I think Florida is suing Georgia too or counter suing. Lots of lawyers are billing lots of hours that's for sure.

All this to avoid the destruction of a mussel. Hey I know the lives of 5 million people don't mean much. We must save the mussel at all costs. Right Mr. Gore?

You get news like that and shouldn't some bells and sirens start going off? I dunno it just seems like everyone is very ho-hum about it since everyone knows there is no way in hell water will be given to the mussels and kept from the people. There are no emergency plans, no information on what to do if the water runs out. People are going about their business like it's no big deal.

Just feels like it's yet another catastrophe in name only. You'd think if the powers that be thought water might actually run out they'd be making evacuation plans. The National Guard would be getting ready to mobilize. The fact that isn't happening tells me this is much ado about nothing. Either that or the powers that be are being grossly negligent. But even in a city as corrupt and incompetent and Atlanta I refuse to believe that would be allowed to happen.


Jeremy said...

Quit being so negative...it's raining. ;)

Ed said...