Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Today US Senators, as in elected US government officials met with a group of illegal aliens, as in people breaking the law, to hear their demands on why amnesty should occur. There are no words strong enough for me to express how utterly insane this is. Hey I know maybe after they get amnesty, the good Senators can pass a new bill giving them free housing. Oh never mind, they've done that already with the mortgage bailout plan.

Yes folks Amnesty Part 3 is back. Democrats and Republicans alike just can't keep this issue away. Same old story. Reps want the slave labor. Dems want the votes. This time around it is called the DREAM act. As in this must be some bad dream because in reality politicians could not be destroying the country willingly the way they are. And it looks like 3rd time's the charm and it will pass. Of course El President Jorge W. Arbusto will sign it and the death of the GOP will be signed sealed and delivered. Serves them right I suppose.

Now where is that Toronto homes guide? I immigrated to the US legally. I played by the rules. And what did I get? A big Fuck You from Uncle Sam. I still don't have citizenship 9 years later. Guess I would have been better off living here illegally, not paying taxes and using the ER as my primary care physician. Hey if the US would rather have millions of uneducated non-English speakers here instead of moi, a college edumacated English speaking tax payer (and lots of taxes at that)...go ahead. When your standard of living drops to the level of 3rd World status don't act too surprised.


Todd said...

Here is an article you might find interesting:


Mr. Torres had his budget all figured out. He had $10-15 extra every month until his property taxes "skyrocketed." In Florida, the first year you pay taxes on the land only. By law, property taxes can only increase 3% per year. Yes, I will be paying for Mr. Torres' ingnorance because no one should "lose" their home.

Jeremy said...

Amen brotha.

Ed said...

That;s OK. As Jorge W. Arbusto keeps telling us, Mr. Torres is here doing jobs Americans won't do and keeping prices down. So cut him a break will you? If he wasn't here you'd pay an extra 1/1000 of a cent for a head of lettuce.