Sunday, November 18, 2007

Global Warming....This old thing?

About 20 years or so I had a paper route. Imagine that a kid actually getting up at 5:00am to deliver papers instead of spending 24/7 on myspace and playing Wii. But like I said it was 20 years ago, might as well have been on the moon compared to where our society is today.

Anyway, on Sundays, part of the job was putting together the different sections that came separately. It was usually 3 parts that had to be combined into the whole massive Sunday paper. I'd usually take a quick read through it before starting. I vividly recall one Sunday the front page on one of the sections was the oncoming disaster that was coming due to G-L-O-B-A-L W-A-R-M-I-N-G. The oceans would swell, the east coast would be toast, we'd have no more winters, the plains would no longer be able to grow wheat. Death, disease and famine. And all this would happen within a matter of decades....unless of course we did something about it. And that something. For a 12 or 13 year old kid at 5:00 on a Sunday morning this was pretty scary shit.

Well, here I am 20 years later. And the same bullshit scare tactics are still being used. Yet another "study" came out this weekend saying the exact same thing. Death, disease and famine are right around the corner unless we do something. That something today -and 20 years ago - is a mix of high taxes and loss of freedoms. Loss of freedoms in driving cars. Loss of freedoms in owning the size of house you want. Loss of freedoms in living your life in peace. That something means bureaucrats in some distant office dictating to you how to live your life. The same bureaucrats who AlGore style, fly around the world in private jets and take limousines to and from the airports they fly to. The morons in the MSM of course don't question these studies. They don't ask any questions like how come all the predictions of 20 years ago have no come to fruition. Instead they just parrot the same ridiculous press releases over and over with no analysis. I mean I can't blame the MSM, if they did that, it would take time away from covering Lindasy Lohan's every move.

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