Saturday, November 17, 2007

In the belly of the beast

I've been in Washington, DC for the last few days, hence the lack of posts. In addition to being here for bidness, I've been checking out the sights and sounds of the town that steals and wastes a good chunk of my money. I haven't been in about 5 years and it's always nice to see the monuments, especially the ones celebrating what the US used to be....a free nation where 1/2 the citizens didn't depend on the government for their existence.

One thing that makes me smile about this cesspool we call the nation's capital (and it literally was a cesspool way back when) is that 80%+ of the residents here and in No.Virgina vote Democrat. And yet the airport they use most and drive by daily is called Ronald Reagan National Airport.

Went to Baltimore too, which I have never been to before. Rather impressed with the downtown area, much nicer than I was expecting. And the seafood was good.

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Anonymous said...

Right, except that in this country, money has become "God" and poverty has become "hell", if the transnationalist sell-out to foreign oil reigns supreme. Just imagine all that potential oil flowing out of Prudhoe Bay (Atlantic Richfield) becoming just an afterthought, when the owners agreed with the NWO elites that no oil would be released until the price reaches nearly $300/barrel

These people are the enemies of all that represents quality job growth in the U.S. because they have become too afraid of what lies on the other side of "free energy".

Environmentalism has become a weapon of the globalists to deny growth of job markets in the U.S., and completely subvert and standardize any job market that would hinder whatever the globalist's idea of "utopia" might be.