Friday, December 14, 2007

Off Topic

Patriots are still unbeaten. Jets and Dolphins are the games I was worried about. It's always the easy games that blow up in your face.

Petrino did the right thing. I would have walked away too if I had to coach those thugs who support Vick. Free Vick my ass. He should be happy he only got 23 months. Had I been the judge it would have been a lot longer.

There's steroid use in baseball? And by lots of big stars? Get the hell out. I never would have suspected. Good thing a multi million dollar investigation was undertaken. I can sleep better at night.

I hadn't noticed but the NHL is very even this year. 23 of the 30 teams have a .500 or better record. Now that is league parity. Also nice to see cities that should have a team (Detroit, Ottawa) at the top and those that should not (Phoenix, Los Angeles) at the bottom. Phoenix? Hockey? Come on.

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Jeremy said...

Yeah, I have a better shirt:

"Fuck Vick, Free Compean and Ramos!"

I hope the Falcons have a season like this for the next 10 years. Idiots.