Saturday, December 15, 2007


The more I read about Mike Huckabee the more I start to get scared. Scared because if this man is the GOP nominee, Hillary will be president. Hell, if it came down to Huck vs. Hillary I would probably support Hillary as well. Yes you read that correctly.

Quaranty AIDS patients and make women submit to their husband, and this guy is surging in the polls with statements like that? I'm sorry did I just move to Iran without knowing it?

For many years I put up with the religious zealots in the GOP. My thinking was, as long as you cut my taxes, allow me to own a gun and at least pretend to fight terrorism, I'll look the other way on everything else. But I have to draw a line somewhere. Huckabee is the caricature Republican talked about on DailyKos. And they are right, he is a religious extremist.

In 1972 Democrats nominated McGovern. He was a far left liberal. He lost 49 states to Nixon. And he also made sure for a generation, Democrats were thought of as far left, anti-war, soft on crime, etc. It also allowed Ronald Reagan to do his thing.

If Huckabee is nominated in 2008, the exact will happen in reverse. A generation of people will look to Republicans as far right, religious crazies and vote for Democrats for many years to come.

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