Tuesday, January 15, 2008

If I ran the world (shudder)

Among other things I would chance the primary system. Iowa, NH. Love ya guys. But come on.

A while ago I read an interesting proposal. Can't remember who it was or have a link. But I will paraphrase what he said. Split the states into four groups based on population. Group 1 would be the smallest states that make up 25% of the population. Group 2 would be the next 25%. Group 3 the next 25% and so on.

Then with those 4 groups you have a super Tuesday every 4 weeks starting somewhere in late January. The idea is that this way every state gets some say equally, and no state, big or small is ignored. Plus since the order of the voting is based on population alone, all areas of the country will be represented randomly and equally.

On the first ballot you'd have states like South Carolina, Delaware, Nevada, Montana, Connecticut and New Mexico. Then the next ballot would be states like NJ, Tennessee, Mass and Georgia. Group 3 would be states like Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Illinois. And then Texas, California and NY would be the last group.

Every group would have east coast, west coast, lily white states, Hispanic majority states, rural states, urban states, farm states, industrial states. A true microcosm of the general election in every primary. In a multi-candidate race like 2008, nobody could win the primary without winning substantial amounts of votes in every round of voting. None of this you win Iowa and/or NH and you are crowned the winner bullshit. And none of this campaigning in Iowa and NH for two years and every other states for 2 minutes bullshit.

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