Monday, January 14, 2008

Hillary, tsk tsk tsk

How many times have you heard the MSM crown Hillary as the smartest woman alive? Brilliant. Yale graduate. Co-president for eight years. Understand the issues. Tried tests and true. Ready to be the head cheese.

Sorry, but a smart woman running for the Democrat nomination - a party that attracts 90%+ of the black vote - does not bitch slap the memory of MLK on the eve of MLK's birthday. Even a somewhat dense woman wouldn't bitch slap MLK when running for the nomination against a black man.

One of two theories I can think of:

1. She is a complete fucking imbecile that isn't fit to run a Denny's let alone the country.

2. No that about sums it up.

1 comment:

Malcolm said...

I agree, although I didn't put it as diplomatically as you. :)