Monday, January 14, 2008

Vota Aquí

Ahh Nevada. My former home whose motto should be "Corruptus Everywhereus".

Can anyone see the problem with this?

Next Saturday, gamblers at the Bellagio, the opulent Las Vegas casino immortalized in the George Clooney blockbuster "Ocean's Eleven," will be treated to an unusual sight. Just before noon, the hotel's dishwashers, cocktail waitresses, porters and bellhops will go on break and gather in a 30,000-square-foot ballroom to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama or maybe John Edwards to be the Democratic nominee for president.

The casino caucuses are open to any shift worker, including cab drivers and employees at nonunion casinos, who is on duty midday Saturday within a 2 1/2 mile radius of the nine sites. They must present identification showing that they work on or near Las Vegas Boulevard, the Strip's official name

What they don't have to present is any ID showing they are legally allowed to vote. You know those racist forms of ID like a birth certificate or passport that the ALCU hates so much.

I can say without any hesitation that 80% of the maids, busboys, dishwashers, etc employed by Bellagio and all other casinos are illegals. Oh sure officially they have valid SS cards and are all citizens since nobody checks and it's all wink wink nudge nudge. While I never worked at the Bellagio itself I spent many days in the employee area of the casino. Spanish is the de facto operating language for employees doing the menial work. It's also hilarious to see their name tags showing Chicago or Seattle as their home town. Since we all know the 1st language from people born in Seattle is espanol.

Gracias Senator Hillary.
Gracias Senator Humberto Reid.
Gracias Senator Juan McCain
And of course gracias El Presidente Jorge W. Arbusto.

Without your help these poor illegals would be disenfranchised.

P.S. Bellagio is opulent? It's nice. But opulent? I think not.

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