Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Juan, Jorge, Harry and Nancy....please read

Juan McCain and Jorge W. probably don't have to worry about things like this. They send their kids to exclusive private schools. Their kids and grandkids never see the inside of a public school. Neither do the familias of the Kennedys or Clintons or any of the open borders crowd. So they don't care, but you might.

Best and worst schools by state vs. rank of illegal immigrants on a per capita basis

Arizona #50 in education, #2 in illegals
Nevada #49 in education, #4 in illegals
California #47 in education, #1 in illegals
Georgia #41 in education, #10 in illegals
Utah #38 in education, #7 in illegals
Texas #25 in education, #3 in illegals

Vermont #1 in education, not enough illegals to count
Mass. #2 in education, #30 in illegals
Conn. #3 in education, #26 in illegals
Maine #5 in education, not enough illegals to count
Montana #7 in education, not enough illegals to count
Wisconsin #8 in education, #33 in illegals

Obviously there are more factors than just illegals. And it is not linear in that #50 in educaion is #1, and vice versa. New Jersey is high up in education and illegals. But there's no denying that overall, there is a pretty heavy inverse correlation between the quality of a public school education and the number of illegals in the state.

Hey wait a minute...isn't John McCain from Arizona? And isn't Harry Reid from Nevada? And isn't Nancy Pelosi from California? And isn't Bush from Texas? And isn't Orin Hatch (the 1 Republican who wants amnesty even more than Juan McCain) from Utah?

Gosh, you'd think they'd all have first hand experience with the devastation of their state's public school systems. You'd think they would do whatever they could to stem the tide of this problem. You'd think right?


Anonymous said...

What you point out is (sadly) considered racist by the msm. It's not racism ... it's reality.

The unfortunate part is these people are going to be a big percentage of the American population in the next 50-100 years and, frankly, I don't think the offspring and future generations are going to be much into education. They have created their own subculture that is unique in America and if they don't evolve from it they will continue the same morals and values.

Back in OC 2012 . . . maybe said...

I hear you regarding the school systems in the West. My sister teaches in OC and she tells me that they have 3rd grade kids that do not speak a lick of English. Dig this, a handful were also in OC schools for 1st and 2nd grade. A special thanks goes out to the Stasi principals/administrators that tell the teachers these kids must pass regardless of language. Go figure.

Gotta love the no child left behind bullsh1t. When I was a kid, if you could not cut the mustard they held you back for a year. Continue to fail/fk up and they sent you to a "special" school. I can remember we had a few in high school that fell in that category. Eventually they were transferred out and that was that. Ahh . . . the good 'ole days, fk up and pay the piper.

Ed said...

Failing kids? Wow that dates you. Last time a kid failed in a public school was what, 1991? '93 maybe.

Anonymous said...

I'm 35 now and I employ some of these kids who were raised in the public school system where everyone is equal and failure is accepted and part of the new culture.

They are incredibly ignorant and their sense of entitlement is beyond belief. They are never wrong on anything. It's annoying and completely different than my barely older generation.

I don't feel good about these kids being our future leaders.

Back in OC 2012 . . . maybe said...


I am going on 38. Not too old, but . . . the youngest of the crowd . . . all family and friends were older and parents were depression babies (pre-hippie). It has really been bizarre, this is almost a cut-off generation deal. Just remember, only some of gen x's parents are boomers, and others are pre-boomer.

Yeah man, I still remember the paddle in elementary school - you know the one with the holes drilled in it for less wind resistance. These little bastards need that today. Nothing a good whack won't solve.

Ed said...

I'm a ripe old 33 myself (almost 34) and I hear you all. Discipline in public schools is non-existent these days. And it doesn't matter if Johnie knows how to read, write and do basic 'rithmetic. All that matters is if Johnie feels good about himself.

1+1 can equal 3 as long as you feel good about it and your self esteem isn't hurt.

Damn it I feel old talking about this stuff, lol.