Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I was going to watch the speech, but didn't after all. I like my TV and I think 5 minutes into watching Jorge W. speak I would have thrown something at the TV and that would have sucked.
Reading the analysis from the so-called experts I'm glad I didn't waste my time and instead watched Rock of Love 2 on DVR...no I'm not kidding. I saw higher IQ levels on that show than I would have seen watching Jorge W. speak or listening to the insipid Democrat response that followed.

Oh look he wants to make tax cuts permanent. I want to go to Mars for the weekend. The odds of me making it to Mars this weekend are about as high as tax cuts being made permanent with Nancy and Harry running things in DC.

Oh look we wants to spend my money to stimulate the economy. It's only been proven about 5 times in the last 25 years that stimulus programs don't do anything. But why learn anything from history?

Oh look he wants to spend $300M so poor kids can go to private schools. Hey Jorge, private schools are private for a reason. Rich people don't want their kids to be near poor kids. If you're confused (and I'm sure you are) ask Hill and Bill about it. They sent their daughter to one of the most exclusive and expenses private schools in Washington. You also should have thought about that when you let Ted Kennedy write your No Child Left Behind Act. Throwing more money at a dysfunctional education system is not the way to fix it.

Oh look he wants to meet with his Mexican counterpart to discuss immigration. Awww how nice of him. I wouldn't stress too much over that Senor Arbusto. Your replacement, either Auntie Hillary or Juan McCain will finish off that job for you. You've done more than your share in destroying this country. You've let in your quota of a few million non-English speaking, uneducated peasants infiltrate. You've allowed California, Texas (or Tejas is it now), Nevada and Arizona to turn into 3rd world cesspools. And you've put N. Carolina, Georgia and Colorado well on their way to a similar situation. The people of Azatlan thank you.

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