Sunday, January 27, 2008

The party of tolerance and diversity

Dems are always portrayed as the party that ebraces the colors of the rainbow. Black, white, pink, turquoise all welcome in the Dem big tent. Unlike GOP tent where only descendants from the Mayflower are allowed in....or so the MSM tells me daily.

But here's something odd about such a multi-culti party. They are rather racist when it comes to voting. SC Exit Poll shows that whites voted for Edwards and Clinton about 75/25 while blacks voted for Obama about 75/25. Whites vote for the white candidate, blacks vote for the black candidate. Not exactly the revolutionary and historic election the MSM is pumping up after all.

Whites can vote for whites and blacks can vote for blacks. Nothing wrong with that. However when Republican nominate yet another white candidate, it is further proof that Republicans are hood wearing life long members of the KKK. When Dems do the same thing, it's hard fought and astute politics on the part of the super duper intellectual Dem voters. See, they aren't racist or anything, they just know that Republicans are racist and would attack poor old Obama, therefore they need to vote for Hillary in order to make sure Cheney doesn't get elected president. Or some such nonsense.

Hard to prove obviously but I have a feeling that if Condi Rice were running for the GOP nomination in a 3 way race, she would receive more than 25% of the white vote.

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Malcolm said...

I agree. They’ve been telling the minorities for years how much they want their votes. Now, when we have a minority who will probably get the nomination, they suddenly want them in the back of the bus, or back working in the field.