Wednesday, January 9, 2008

So-Called Experts...UGHHH

Watching CNN last night was like watching CNBC on a day when the Dow drops 250. For the past week all the talking heads were telling us Obama was the man. Hillary was debating whether or not to continue after New Hampshire. Nice call there guys. You only got it totally wrong. Guess I wasn't alone in my skepticism of Obama's abilities.

On the GOP side, you'd think McCain had just cured cancer given the ooohs and ahhhs he was receiving on both CNN and Fox. Granted I am no political "expert" but winning by 5% is not that huge as far as I can tell. Given that NH Republicans tend to lean left and that McCain was the NH darling in 2000, it's not that surprising he won.

As for the argument that Romney was the governor of Mass, which is next door, and thus should have done better; nonsense. Does the MSM really think people are this retarded. Duhhh, gee who should I vote for. Oh he's the governor from 100 miles away. Duuhhh me vote for him. Think of the states bordering your state. Do you even a) know the name of the governor and b) would you vote for him/her simply because he/she was your neighboring state's governor? The state I live in has 5 bordering states. I know the name of 1 of the 5 governor. If he ran for prez the fact he was the governor next door would no factor one bit in whether I would support him or not. I'd vote for the co-governor of Hawaii and Alaska if he promised to lower my taxes, let me own a gun, build a border wall and let me escape the black hole called Social Security. On the other hand if my next door neighbor who bakes me cookies every Sunday morning were running as a tax-and-spend liberal she would not get my vote.

What was most shocking to me last night was Kucinich got 3500 votes. Which means there are 3500 seriously mentally deranged people in the great state of New Hampshire.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if most people know the name of their own governor.