Friday, January 11, 2008

This Fred guy

I didn't see the debate last night. I didn't even know there was one happening to be quite honest as I have taken the last couple of days off from caring about the minutia of primary politics. One can only absorb so much until one has to walk away for a few days. From what I've read about it, seems like Fred Thompson has some new life.

I hadn't watched any recent episodes of Law & Order until last night when I saw an old one on the DVR. DA Branch is gone and McCoy is now the top dog. WTF? Thanks a lot Fred. That just doesn't work for me. McCoy never was the political type. He was the worker bee that got the job done. You just messed up the show with this silly run for president. Everyone else running kept their day job, why didn't you?

I'm still not at all excited about the GOP side of things. Same old bullshit spoken over and over. Cut taxes, become more competitive, family values, attack Iran, love Jesus, ban abortions - so we can millions more unwanted children who will end up on welfare or in jail - and educate anyone with a pulse.

They all - 'cept for Ron Paul - miss the bigger picture. Cutting taxes is great, but only if you cut spending. Reagan didn't do it, neither did Jorge W. Arbusto. And we now have a $10 trillion deb and a worthless dollar with accompanying $100 oil. And I have a sneaking suspicion neither of these guys will cut spending next time around. They will just go to Benny B's magic dollar making machine and create a few more trillion dollars. It literally is an easy button.

And with those tax cuts people are supposed to do what with it...spend spend spend and then spend some more. Consume away. I never hear any candidate talk about creating an incentive to save. It's nothing but cut capital gains taxes. How about a cut in the interest earned tax? How about making interest taxed at 15% and capital gains taxed at 35%? Crazy I know since Wall St would have a collective heart attack.

Why bother with savings though since all the candidates - again 'cept Ron Paul - are going to "save" Social Security. No need to save for your future, the gubermint will be there with a monthly check waiting for you. So they'll cut my income tax by $1 but raise my FICA tax by $1.10 instead to "save" this beast. Thanks guys, you rock.

The difference between Democrats and Republicans has come down to speed of destruction. Democrats are on cruise at 70 in the left lane to destroy this country. Republicans are in the slow lane at 55. They're both driving to the same destination, only a matter of how fast we get there.


Anonymous said...

cheer up man

Ed said...

I am cheery. You should see me on a down day.