Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Worst President Ever strikes again

Not content with bailing out subprime slime who overbought houses, now Jorge W. Arbusto - the worst president ever, wants to bailout everyone, subprime, prime, doesn't matter. Hey what does he care, not his money? Just as his good pal Helicopter Benny B to print some more of it.

Fox News didn't allow Ron Paul to speak on Sunday night. I am 100% sure had he been asked a question regarding a bailout, the good Dr. would have said no way, no bailout using tax dollars. But Ron Paul is a fiscal conservative. That means jack shit in today's Republican party. Today's Republican party means praising Jesus, spending as much as you can and rewarding poor behavior. The way this party is leading us to financial ruin, maybe praising Jesus might not be all that bad of an idea come to think of it.

Of course it still won't matter in the end. Just like the 1st bailout did nothing to stop the housing free fall, neither will round 2. Bush is a Harvard MBA and he can't do simple econ 101 math.

Oh and hey how come prime borrowers have to be saved all of a sudden? Didn't Jorge W. Arbusto, Ben Bernake, Hank Paulson, Larry Kudlow and Jim Cramer tell us over and over that this what a SUBPRIME issue? And since subprime only affected a small percentage of all home borrowers there was nothing to worry about.

I and other members of the doom and gloom team (proud member since 2006) have been saying that it was all bullshit. Prime and subprime designations were meaningless. Whether you had a 700 or 500 FICO score didn't matter if you borrowed $500K on a $50K salary. It only took 18 months for the Idiot in Chief to figure it out.

Oh but hey, all will be well, I hear Benny B is planning another rate cut which will magically allow the $50K earner ($3000 a month net income) to pay his $3000 a month mortgage by cutting it to $2926. Sweet, he'll have $74 left over to eat, drive and heat his home. It's a can't miss plan Benny, you rock.


Anonymous said...

Didn't daddy buy him an MBA from Yale? Or was that undergrad?

Ed said...

Yale was undergrad. Jorge did get better grades than John Kerry who also went to Yale. And Hillary went to Yale (Law) as did Bill as did George H W.

The next Ammendment should be no more Bush or Clinton presidents with an amendment to that amendment that nobody who went to Yale can be prez for the next 50 years.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a mighty fine plan. Ditto for Harvard.