Wednesday, February 20, 2008

$874B and counting...

Is what the amount of NEW government spending Obama has proposed. And the general election campaign hasn't even started.

Now granted this is from so who knows how accurate it is, but OK maybe it's not $874B, maybe it's only $774B. It's still a shitload of new spending which I will be paying for.

If that's what hope and change means, I want desperation and the status quo thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

That 874B is simply to fight global poverty. Any one with a pulse knows that when you give people money they will take it, especially poor people. They will also want more. In the case of Africa, we have shoveled tens of billions at them with no positive results. Even the once thriving South Africa is now dying and decaying and having an exodus of major proportions. You can rest assured that your tax dollars will be spent on feel good programs that will accomplish nothing.

Anonymous said...

It's time for the tough love again. is a place you can go to make interest free loans to entrepreneurs in developing (aka third world) countries. It is not a charitable deduction on your taxes, but you can, say, stick $100 of your money in the pot to help a man who wants to become sort of vendor in Africa, or a woman trying to get her laundry or food business off of the ground.

With more programs like these funded, what would we have? That's right, an actual economy. I love to say this- Reagan was right. Trickle down economics works, my friends. Help them build it and stop throwing food at them, which is only going to run out, and we're going to have to keep paying, and paying, and paying.

Self-reliance is key.

Ed said...

"That 874B is simply to fight global poverty"

Did you actually read what the list says?

$60B for infrastructure
$260B for "FREE" health care
$75B Stimulus package

Only thing that I can see having to do with global poverty is $50B in international aid. That I can live with. It's the other $824B I can do without.