Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Careful what you wish for

I am rather torn these days. Watching a Clinton self-destruct is a lot of fun. Watching a Clinton's dirty tricks fail is fun. Watching a Clinton finally being called out for being a vile human being is fun. Yet there is not much joy in Mudville today for me.

Yes the evil Clinton Empire has been defeated (or is close to being defeated). As the old saying goes I got what I asked for and I wasn't careful in asking for it. The Clintons are dead. Long live Obama.

A center-left repugnant woman will not be president. Instead a far left, groovy dude will be president.

My taxes will not be raised back to 2000 levels. My taxes will instead be raised back to 1979 levels.

"FREE" health care won't be some hodge podge of tax-payer funded insurance co-pay boondoggle. It will be a full blown, Canada-style boondoggle that will cost twice as much and three times as inefficient.

While Hillary talked the left talk on fighting Islamo-fascism, I don't think she ever meant it. Obama means it. He will pull out of Iraq on day one and the hell with what happens. Who'd you rather have in a dark alley staring down the Iranian mullahs? Hillary or Mr. Sweet Sunshine? Yeah exactly.

Michelle Obama said that last week was the first time in her adult life she's been proud of her country. I can't recall Bill ever saying anything like that.

I'm starting to realize that all the demonizing of the Clintons over the years was over the top. Yeah she (they) is (are) liberals. But there are liberals and then there are LIBERALS. The right-wing punditry was so focused on killing the queen they forgot to look at who the new king would be. The Limbaughs and Hannitys of the world made millions demonizing the Clintons. Hannity had some Stop Hillary Express program which I think is now on hiatus as they say in Hollywood. Well guys you got your wish, no more Hillary. No more Clintons. Now what?


Anonymous said...

Hillary is a crook.

Here's a little gem that makes for wonderful morning reading, about the disgusting pardons and clemency that she and Bill orchestrated, that she quickly DISAVOWED when it became clear they were egregiously politically incorrect and even a danger to the country.

The one good thing about Obama: he doesn't make us want to throw up. He'll probably bring in General Wesley Clark as his running mate to balance his ticket. He won't be able to pass any of the socialist reforms you are worried about, and as another poster said, he has shown himself willing to compromise with Republicans.

Personally, when I go to the booth, I'm voting for McCain.

Anonymous said...

above link is:

Anonymous said...

The media needs to show what a nutball Obama is by shedding light on his 874B global poverty bill. We can not afford that. We are borrowing money from rich countries so we can give it to the poor countries. When does bama ever get the microscope?

Anonymous said...

The 874 billion is over 4 years. It's not that much. The war in Iraq will have cost as much, probably more by the time the last solider leaves. I would rather have the money spent on education and health care than on useless wars wouldn't you?

Anonymous said...

watch the trap you are falling into, anon 12:53. The correct deficit-healing strategy is not to take the current spending patterns and redirect them domestically, with more vigor.

Anonymous said...

"The 874 billion is over 4 years. It's not that much."

Lol. That's one of the most pathetic statements I've read recently. Yeah, nearly a TRILLION dollars (of money we don't have) isn't much. It's just a few bucks, whats the big deal? HAHAHAHAHA.